Our Mission

Our mission is for our nonprofit organization to assist families with their non-profit organization often called “Parenting”.

Our Ranch

At the footsteps of Zions National Park, the Shangri-La  Valley is a hidden place that many have never encountered. The word Shangri-La in fact means a hidden place and  true to its name this beautiful valley forms into an oasis in the desert and a place for solitude and learning. The Shangri-La Learning Ranch is a non-profit organization that assists families relying on the expertise of over 20 years of industry experience. The word Soulegria derives from a word that denotes an individuals ability to find happiness. This is done through a mentoring type environment referred often as “The Ranch”.

We believe that behavior is a function of one’s perceived happiness and self-worth. Shangri-La Learning Ranch uses a structured schedule of experiences and adventure to help your child learn that they can find true happiness in any situation. In addition to academics and therapy, we provide recreational activities, animals, gardening, sports, service, cultural activities, and community involvement while still being in a small, intimate family home setting where relationships can really be formed.

Our Model

Shangri-La Learning Ranch utilizes learning family homes to provide a boarding school opportunity. This model is effective in that it emphasis on individualized care for each child and their family. Shangri-La Learning Ranch unlike other boarding schools and residential treatment facilities, provides services in a non combative, non physically forced compliance way. Youth come to the program to deal with low self esteem, low confidence, poor communication skills, lack of direction and goals, misunderstanding of appropriate relationships and setting appropriate boundaries in ones life. We use experiential learning activities in that the students get to participate in the daily operations and care of themselves and their temporary family units. Treating all with respect and dignity.
Additionally some students may suffer from poor family and/or peer relations, addictions, adoption issues, anxiety, victims of bullying, limit-setting, oppositional defiance, and low self-worth. Because we are able to provide the individual care our students do not feel they have been sent away to a program of mess ups and misfits but they feel the unique take on boarding schools setting a new standard for achievements for troubled teen programs.

Our Homes

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